Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and Healthcare Services is considered among the top medical sciences universities in the country and there is significant competition to enter its various fields in the national entrance exam. One of the courses available in this university is microbiology.
Since the establishment of the National University, this group has been integrated with the Departments of Immunology and Parasitology, until in 1350 the Department of Parasitology and then in 1370 the Department of Immunology were separated from the Department of Microbiology.
Dr. Yahya Hemti was the first director of the microbiology department who provided valuable services from 1346 to 1378.
Since 2015, this group has been accepting students in the master's degree, which continues until now, and about 150 students have graduated from this level.
The first admission of students in the Ph.D. course was done in 2015 with the admission of 2 students.
The microbiology department includes 2 laboratories, including an educational laboratory for medical, dental, and pharmacy students located on the first floor and a research laboratory for microbiological research and graduate students located on the seventh floor. In 1383, a virology laboratory and in 1385 a molecular laboratory were set up, which have done valuable activities in the field of education and research.
Currently, the Microbiology Department of the Faculty of Medicine teaches the faculties of Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nutrition, Rehabilitation, and International Branch students in doctoral and master's degrees.
Writing more than 100 English and Farsi articles per year, authoring and translating authoritative and reference books on microbiology, authoring and revising textbooks, presenting articles in annual domestic and foreign congresses, conducting research projects, guiding and consulting these in Different fields and courses.
The goals of this group are to train specialized human resources, employ researchers to carry out fundamental and applied research according to the research priorities specified by the Ministry of Health and Medicine, cooperate with other educational and research centers, and create and innovate in order to develop the science of microbiology. .

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